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Completion of Paving Delayed!, July 24, 2018 by Peter J. Kampa, General Manager

Saddle Creek residents and visitors were prepared yesterday for a full day of traffic control and delays, while our contractor installed asphalt from end to end on Saddle Creek and Oak Creek Drives. Unfortunately, a combination of mechanical failure at the local asphalt plant and long drive times for trucks to the next closest asphalt plant resulted in an early end to the asphalt work; leaving a portion of Oak Creek Drive incomplete for the time being.

If you have not noticed, paving projects are happening on almost every major highway and street we drive, causing a high demand on the schedules for paving subcontractors.  The asphalt subcontractor is completely booked into next week, and at this point we are not sure exactly what day they will return to finish the paving.  Stay tuned for more communication by email and on the CSD website; and we promise to let you know when the remaining work is scheduled.

Excited about the work, sorry for the delay!


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