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CSD Structure & Operation,  August 17, 2010 by saddlecreekcsd

The following overview is being provided to assist residents in understanding CSD responsibilities and operations. Please do not hesitate to contact the District if you have comments or questions on any area.

Saddle Creek Community Services District was established as a Special District on August 19, 1995, by act of the Calaveras County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) under authority of California Government Code Section 61600. Saddle Creek CSD is a multi-purpose Special District with governing authority over various specific functions within the boundaries of the District. The governing body of the District consists of a five (5) member Board of Directors who are elected by registered voters of the District for a four (4) year term of office. The Board of Directors has similar responsibilities and duties as those of City Council members. They establish budgets, approve expenditures, enact ordinances (local laws), establish operational policy, approve budgets and hires staff to carry out Board established policies.

Services currently being provided by Saddle Creek CSD are as follows:

1) On-site Wetlands & Wildlife Habitat Oversight (Wetland regulations are established by the State & Federal Government- the CSD serves as the on-site monitoring agency).

2) Landscape Maintenance of public areas under exclusive control of the CSD.

3) Fire Prevention Activities (weed abatement).

4) Gate Operations (while the CSD controls gate operations the cost of staffing is currently funded by Castle & Cooke).

5) Mosquito Abatement Operations (currently the only such operation in Calaveras County).

There are numerous Special Districts in California. Most are dedicated to a single function (local examples are the Calaveras County Water District and Copperopolis Fire District) while a few (such as Saddle Creek CSD and our closest neighbor Rancho Murrieta CSD) are multi-functional. Saddle Creek CSD and other multi-functional Special Districts operate like a mini-city in that we provide various types of services within the Districts boundary that might otherwise be supplied by city or county.

A primary difference between a Special District and a city or county is that the authority of the District is limited to functions specifically authorized by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) whereas cities and counties have a much broader range of responsibilities. For example, Saddle Creek CSD has no authority over planning and building matters, these are handle by Calaveras County.

While the Districts authority is limited in certain areas, such as planning and building, we have the ability to tailor certain ordinances to meet the unique needs of the community. For example, unlike a city or county, Saddle Creek CSD has legal authority to regulate vehicle entry into the community as well as provide fewer restrictions over golf cart operations on District controlled streets.

Although the District does not have the authority to enforce rules and regulations established by on-site private entities such as Castle & Cooke or Home Owners Association’s we will continue to work closely with these operations in improving our community.

Additional information on the CSD, including monthly meeting agendas and minutes, can be found on the Districts web site (

The Saddle Creek CSD Board of Directors is committed to providing the community with the highest level of service possible.

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