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Frequent Asked Questions

Does the CSD maintain the landscaping at the Bungalows, Lodge, Sales Center and Fitness Center?

  • No, those areas are maintained by Castle & Cooke, which has contracted with Frog Hollow for that work. CSD property includes Saddle Creek roads, storm drains, wildlife and wetlands easements and any landscaping not part of the Facilities maintained by Castle & Cooke.

Can Castle & Cook build a footbridge over the wetland areas on Hole 9 or other holes?

  • Although we don’t know if Castle & Cooke has any plans to any bridges, after our initial review of the wetlands permits it does not appear that they prohibit a bridge from being built over wetland areas. A more thorough review would be necessary, should Castle & Cooke decide to build a bridge — and of course, the bridge would have to be built in a way as to not impact the wetlands.

What do the Environmentally Sensitive signs mean?

  • The Army Corps of Engineers has designated certain wetland areas as environmentally sensitive. These areas are clearly marked and are not to be entered, unless specifically authorized by the CSD Board – even to retrieve golf balls! Please help us prevent being required to put fences around these areas by obeying the green and white signs.

Who is responsible for maintaining the ponds at Saddle Creek?

Although the ponds and wetlands are technically CSD property and part of the community storm drain system, they are also an integral part of the golf course irrigation. Castle & Cooke maintains the ponds and wetlands, under the oversight of the CSD.

What is the brown/green stuff on the ponds?

Duckweed growth is caused by fertilizers and nutrients draining into the wetlands and ponds from the golf course. While it may not be esthetically pleasing, it is not harmful to the pond or wildlife, and generally disappears during the winter months due to increased water flow. Along with Castle & Cooke, we are looking for ways to control the duckweed year round, without harming the environment.

What are the Privacy Gate Rules? Where are the Gate Guest Forms?

The Privacy Gate Rules and guest forms can be found here.

What are the rules for construction sites?

The Construction Site Rules can be found here.

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