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Copper Valley Gate Upgrade Update_10-18-2023.pdfNEW Gate Access Form 2023.pdf




Sept 5, 2023

Beginning the first week of September the Copper Valley CSD will start a gate improvement upgrade project to the front gate for the purpose of enhanced security features and reliability. 


We will be providing progress updates through this process


What to expect:


1. The current keypad will be removed and your current 5 digit code will NO LONGER work.  A new  user friendly interactive display will be installed to easily find the resident you are looking for in the directory.


2. Your current landline phone number, RFID sticker, gate clickers, and swipe cards will continue to work, you do not need to do anything different with these, they all transfer over to the new system. 


3. With the new system we will now be able to ADD cell phone numbers that can answer and allow guest access from anywhere in the world by hitting number 9 like you do now on your landline. (Attached is a gate access form if you would like to add your cell phone to the updated directory, please send at your earliest convenience to:


4. This project is expected to start the first week of September and last for two weeks as long as everything runs smoothly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Greg Hebard 209.768.5678

Ralph McGeorge 209.768.5537


Thank you,


Nicole McCutchen

Office Manager

Copper Valley CSD



NEW Gate Access Form 2023.pdfGATE DISPLAY INFO.pdf
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