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Letter Regarding Mowing Weeds, June 6, 2021 by Peter J. Kampa, General Manager

Each spring the Copper Valley CSD sends letters to the owners of vacant lots in our community, requesting that the grass and weeds on their lot be cut down for the purpose of reducing fire hazards. Unfortunately the letter intended for vacant lot owners was sent to all property owners in Copper Valley; both developed and undeveloped properties. If you do not own a vacant parcel, the letter you received does not apply.

We very much apologize for the confusion and hope to have any tall grass cut down on vacant parcels as soon as possible. If you do own a vacant parcel, please have the grass/weeds removed ASAP or return the form to authorize the CSD to remove the weeds and bill for the service. PLEASE be fire safe with any removal of dried grass and DO NOT use power mowing equipment that can cause sparks and fire! We appreciate your understanding.


Peter Kampa, General Manager

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