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More (very unfortunate) damage to the privacy gate!, February 24, 2015 by Peter J. Kampa, General Manager

Just when we thought the New Years Eve extensive privacy gate damage was repaired and all systems working better than they have in years; on February 19 the gates sustained additional damage resulting from (intentional) vehicle impact.  The gate contractor has ordered parts and will make repairs as quickly as possible.  The gates will remain non-functional until at least Friday, February 27, 2015.  Again, luckily, the security cameras helped us identify the vehicle and person responsible for the damage.

Please respect the privacy gates, as they do not open (operate) by nudging or forcing them with your vehicle; and extreme damage will result to both your vehicle and the gates.

In addition, a critical electrical component of the (construction) gate used by large trucks and construction equipment, has failed and must be replaced.  This gate is needed for semi truck access to the community for the purpose of delivering food and golf course maintenance materials, moving furniture, all construction equipment. Due to its continuous use, the gate will remain open until repairs can be completed as quickly as possible.  As of Tuesday, February 24, there is no estimated completion date for the repairs.

Thank you for your patience and please contact Site Manager Greg Hebard at the CSD office with any questions or concerns.

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