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Mosquito Abatement,  April 18, 2012 by saddlecreekcsd

During the next several months, Saddle Creek CSD will be increasing Mosquito abatement activities due to warmer temperatures and increasing mosquito populations.

Work will include inspection of known and suspect mosquito breeding sites, such as irrigated lands, ditches, waterways, ponds, and wetlands. Mosquitoes will be controlled using integrated pest management techniques (IPM), including: application of approved use pesticides to breeding sites and areas of high adult mosquito populations, mosquito eating fish in ponds and public education efforts. Additionally, the CSD will be increasing surveillance in attempt to detect mosquito-transmitted diseases, such as West Nile Virus and Western Equine Encephalitis.

In most cases, spraying of approved pesticides will occur on Thursdays during the late afternoon or early evening hours. While the spraying activity does not present a health risk to residents, there will be a noticeable odor. To minimize this problem, windows and doors should remain closed while the activity is occurring near your area and should remain closed for approximately 30 minutes after it is completed.

Residents are asked to assist in our abatement efforts by eliminating mosquito-breeding sites on their property and by reporting abnormal mosquito population to the CSD District Manager Greg Hebard at 209.785.0100.

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