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Upgraded Electronic Entry System,  April 17, 2013 by saddlecreekcsd

Effective May 1, 2013, the CSD will begin operation of an upgraded electronic gate entry system. This new system provides residents/owners with two (2) additional methods of access and enables the CSD to more effectively regulate construction activities and lodge/golf/restaurant activities. As of May 1, 2013, the entry gates will be open and unmanned only during the hours of 6:45 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Overview of New System Entry Options:

  1. Home Link System (no change from old system): The three (3) buttons on the sun visor or headliner of newer cars can be programmed to open the gate. If your vehicle was programmed under the old system it will continue to work under the upgraded system. If you never activated this option with your existing vehicle or if you have purchased a new vehicle and you want to activate this system please call the CSD for an appointment to do so at no charge.
  2. Call Box (no change from old system): When your guest calls you press the number 9 on your phone to open the gate. You must have a (209) 785-xxx phone number to use this option. This option is unchanged under the new system.
  3. Gate Clickers (no change from old system): This option will continue to work unchanged under the upgraded system. Two gate clickers are provided to each residence. Additional gate clickers may be purchased from the CSD for $40.00 each.
  4. Access Card (new access option): An access card  (approximately the size of a credit card) may be purchased from the CSD for $10.00. A card reader has been installed at the entry gates. The gates will open when the access card is passed in front of the card reader.
  5. Five Digit Entry Code (new access option): Upon request, the CSD will issue a five (5) digit code to each residence. Residents may provide this code to medical personnel, family members, housekeepers or others they want to have access to their residence. The gate opens when the access code is entered into the key pad at the gate entry. In the event you have given the code to someone who you no longer want to have access to your residence contact the CSD and the code will be changed.

If you would like to order additional gate clickers, access cards, or would like a five-digit entry code, please print, complete and return the Request for Gate Access.  Instructions are on the form.

Contact CSD Maintenance Manager Greg Hebard at 785-0100 with questions regarding the new entry system.

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