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Privacy Gate Access

Attention Residents: Privacy gate hours will change after the new year in 2017. 

The Privacy Gate will no longer be left open and unattended during the day after the first of the year. Beginning January 1, 2017 the gates will be closed and operating on automatic controls for all hours when the gate is not attended by a staff person. The “staffed” hours will be updated in the beginning of January and will be posted as soon as they are officially determined. The Golf Resort and Castle & Cooke are in the process of securing additional gate attendant staff and as soon as they are in place, the new “attended” gate hours will be published here.

We recommend that residents plan ahead for the change. Please be sure to inform the current gate attendants of your regular service providers and visitors by filling out one of the forms below and bringing to the entrance gate.

You may enter through the gate one of five ways:

  • Use the remote which was provided upon purchasing your home.
  • Use the 5 digit pin provided for your home.
  • Use the visitor call box
  • Purchase or use the swipe card
  • Enable the automatic programming for you vehicle, paired with your gate remote.


Guests arriving when the gates are closed and unattended are to call residents on the gate house phone. By pressing 9 on resident’s phone touch pad, the gate will open to allow the guest entry.

If you have guests arriving during the time an attendant is on duty, make sure the gate attendant has the name of your guests by calling and informing them of the visit. The phone number is 785.8700 – OR, you can fill out a guest form for either permanent to temporary guests (see forms below).

If your guests are not on your guest list and you have not called the attendant to notify them of their arrival and you are not at home when the attendant calls you for verification when your guests arrive, they will not be allowed entrance.

As of May 1, 2013, an upgraded electronic system offering additional methods of access was implemented.  Details can be found in the post of April 17, 2013.

Helpful forms to assist us in maintaining your privacy:

Privacy Gate Rules



  • SADDLE CREEK is an upscale planned development of single-family homes and rental bungalows located on the western side of Calaveras County. A primary focal point of the community is the semi-private championship golf course that can be viewed throughout the development. Other privately owned on-site facilities include a golf club house, fitness center and restaurant facility.
  • Established August 19, 1995, by LAFCO Resolution No. 95-03, SADDLE CREEK COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (SCCSD) is the agency responsible for local governance of SADDLE CREEK. The District is served by a five member Board of Directors elected for four (4) year terms by majority vote of the registered voters within the District.
  • The Board of Directors are vested with the authority to enact Ordinances (Laws), policies and procedures considered necessary to insure the safety and welfare of District residents and guests and to provide for the operational concerns of the District. Ordinances, policies and practices established by the District are subject to the same considerations and have the same force and effect as laws, policies and procedures enacted by other governmental agencies; cities, counties, state or federal.


  • The purpose of these regulations are to minimize problems and confusion through the establishment of specific written guidelines governing access into SCCSD Residents, property owners and other interested parties are encouraged to contact the SCCSD’s General Manager (Charlie Martin – phone no. 209.295.3414 or e-mail “ or a Board Member if they have questions or comments on any or all parts of the regulations.


  • Privacy Officers are contract employees who serve under the exclusive direction of SCCSD. Their purpose is to insure the privacy of SADDLE CREEK residents and visitors through the monitoring/control of access through the Main Gate. Additionally they provide information, directions and assistance to residents and visitors when appropriate.
  • Privacy Officers are not permitted to leave their post at the Main Gate unless specifically instructed to do so by the SCCSD General Manager or his/her designated representative.
  • Privacy Officers do not have Police Authority nor are they Security Officers. In the event they observe or are advised of an emergency situation their response will be to contact the responsible Emergency Provider; Sheriff, Fire Department, Ambulance, etc.

The following agencies are responsible for providing emergency services to SADDLE CREEK and should be contacted directly when an emergency situation arises:

  1. Police Services Calaveras County Sheriff Non-Emergency No. 209.754.6500
  2. Fire Services Copperopolis Fire Protection District Non-Emergency No. 209.785.2393



  • As permitted under authority of Government Code § 61621.8 and SCCSD Ordinance 2003-02, the following Administrative Regulations for control of vehicle access onto roadways under the exclusive control of SCCSD.
  • The purpose of this restricted/controlled access is to provide residents, owners and visitors with the highest degree of privacy and tranquility possible.


  • Main Access: The established access point for residents, property owners, visitors, and on-site business employees is the Main Gate located just off Little John Road on Saddle Creek Drive. As authorized by the SCCSD Board of Directors, access through the Main Gate is controlled by computer activated gates and/or Privacy Officers.
  • Construction Access: A temporary access for construction vehicles has been established approximately 100 yards south of the main entrance at Saddle Creek Drive. This unimproved roadway is accessed from Little John Road. The purpose of this temporary access is to minimize the amount of construction traffic on improved street such as Saddle Creek Drive. Whenever possible construction vehicles/employees shall enter and exit through this temporary access. Additional temporary access points may be authorized by the District should future need arise.


  • Residents, property owners and designated C&C employees are to enter and exit SCCSD through the Main Gate. When possible the right gate entry should be used. Entry is considered as being authorized by your use of the gate opener on the right (Resident) entry gate. Gate openers will be provided in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Gate Opener Policy:

a) SCCSD will provide, without charge, two (2) programmed, hand held gate opener (transmitter) for each improved residential parcel located within the District. Additional hand-held gate openers may be purchased from SCCSD at the District’s cost plus a programming fee of $10. Please note, only those openers obtained from SCCSD will activate the gate software.

b) SCCSD will program, without charge, two (2) properly equipped vehicles (if compatible with gate software) for each improved residential parcel. A $10 fee will be required to program additional vehicles.

c) SCCSD will provide programmed, hand held gate openers and program vehicles owned by C&C in accordance with agreements reached between SCCSD and C&C. The C&C Development Manager or Golf Operations Manager must initiate all requests for hand held gate openers or vehicle programming.

2. Obtaining/Programming Gate Openers:

  • Contact the SCCSD On-Site Maintenance Manager (Greg Hebard – cell number 209-768-5678) to obtain/purchase a hand held Gate Opener or to program a vehicle. The providing/programming of gate openers/vehicles will be done by appointment only.

3. Resident, Owner, Designated C&C Employee – Entry Procedure Without Gate Opener:

  • In the event a resident, property owner or designated C&C employee has forgotten his/her gate opener or the opener is not working properly, entry should be made in the left lane when Privacy Officers are on duty. If the Privacy Officer does not know the person, the individual(s) will be asked to produce identification (driver license, etc.) in order to confirm that entry into SADDLE CREEK is authorized.


1. Persons Visiting a Resident:

Visitors are permitted to enter SCCSD at any time, day or night, provided that one of the following conditions is meet;

a) The visitor(s) is listed on the residents’ Permanent Guest List. Please note that it is the responsibility of the resident to insure that his/her Permanent Guest List is kept up to date. Failure to do so may result in entry being allowed to persons no longer welcome by the resident.

b) The resident to be visited verbally notifies the Privacy Officer (in person, by telephone – 209-785-8700 or by means of the entry call box) that he/she approves the visitor(s) entry. Please note that when more then five (5) guests are expected for a party or other special occasion Written Notification is required.

c) The Privacy Officer has received specific written and signed instructions from a resident to admit a visitor or visitors during a specified time period. In order to prevent delays in admitting, residents should include the full name of all expected visitors.

Permanent and Temporary Guest Lists are available at the Main Gate, on the District’s website ( or can be obtained from the On-Site Maintenance Manager (Greg Hebard) by calling (209) 768-5678.

Privacy Officers will always attempt to contact a resident whenever an unexpected visitor(s) arrives, but if the resident does not respond, entry will not be permitted.

2. Access by Service Persons (Includes Package and Parcel Deliveries):

Service Persons such as house cleaners, pool cleaners, plumbers, etc, will be permitted access by Privacy Officers only under the following conditions:

a) The resident using the service verbally notifies the Privacy Officer (in person, by telephone at 209.785.8700 or by means of the entry call box) that he/she approves entry.

b) The Privacy Officer has written and sign instructions from the resident to admit the service person.

Privacy Officers will always attempt to contact the resident when an unexpected Service Person or Delivery Person request entry, but if the resident does not respond, entry will not be permitted.

3. Access by Moving Vans:

Moving Vans will not be permitted without a specific verbal or written request of the resident who is moving into or from SCCSD. When the Privacy Officer does not know the resident, a legally acceptable form of picture identification (driver license, California I.D. Card, etc.) will be required. Additionally, the Privacy Officer shall review and record the license plate number(s) (and state) of the moving van(s) and the operator’s driver license number(s) (and state).

4. Access by News Media:

News services (radio, television, news paper reporters, etc.) will not be admitted unless authorized by a resident, owner, C&C On-Site Development Manager or Golf Operations Manager, the SCCSD General Manager, or the SCCSD Board of Directors.

5. Access by Solicitors-Prohibited:

Access for the purpose of soliciting (including by residents) is not permitted.

6. Access by Process Servers:

The SCCSD is legally required to admit process servers, whether they are peace officers or private persons. After a process server has properly identified his/her purpose, entry will be permitted. In the case of a private process server, the Privacy Officer will attempt to notify the resident a process server has been admitted. In the event the process server is a Peace Officer engaging in his/her official duties, the Privacy Officer shall not attempt to notify the resident of his/her entry.

7. Access to Golf Course, Rental Bungalows, Restaurant, Sales Office and All Other C&C Owned/Controlled Facilities:

Access to the golf course and all other C&C owned/controlled facilities shall be handled in accordance with written procedures developed with the input of the C&C On-Site Development Manager and/or Golf Operations Manager. These procedures will be set forth in Administrative Regulation Section 2003-02.

8. Access by Utility Companies

While engaged in official business, employees of utility companies such as Calaveras County Water District, Pacific Gas and Electric, Calaveras Telephone, etc. will be permitted.

9. Access by Police, Fire and Other Governmental Agencies

While engaging in official business, sheriff department employees, fire and all other governmental employees have the right to enter the District.


Privacy Officers are strictly prohibited from accepting packages or other types of deliveries being sent to or received by a resident.